What we’re reading- Oct 25, 2013

Public Attitudes towards the Hellbender
Educating the public about “uncharismatic” wildlife could lead to more positive attitudes about these species. Conservation informed by social-science could improve conservation outcomes.

Epigenetic Clocks Track Aging
New research shows how DNA methylation increases over time and may be used to estimate tissue age. In healthy tissues, tissue age would correspond to the age of the individual; however, in cancerous tissues, DNA methylation correlations estimated tissue was older (ie- more methylated) than healthy tissue from the same individual.

Corruption in Conservation
A discussion of how corruption undermines wildlife conservation efforts.

Lions Rebounding in Asia
The only lions left in Asia, the Gir Lions of India, are coming back strong with 100 lion cubs.

Cow Ownership in Developing Countries
Article about how crappy cows are for money-making sparks a hot debate among development, microfinance, and conservation practitioners.

The USA is Hot
Temperature change trends thorough the United States do not look good.

Conservation Kickstarter
Our colleague Karen DeMatteo launched a Kickstarter campaign to support her conservation work on Argentinian felids and candids.


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