Conservation in action: videos and teaching resources

I’m a fan of celebrating conservation success stories and sharing conservation optimism. In fact I’ve written about this before. Today, I want to share some wonderful teaching resources, that also highlight some reasons for hope in wildlife conservation.

A little while back, I asked twitter to recommend short videos about mammal conservation in Australia, to include in lectures I was preparing. I wanted to illustrate some of the things that agencies need to think about when planning management strategies, and share some real examples of conservation actions with the students. Also, including videos of cute animals can make for a much more engaging lecture!

Thanks to some lovely people I was sent links to a lot of interesting material. At the time I said I’d curate the list somewhere to make it easier for people to browse… and here it is. Please scroll down for links to a few videos about wildlife conservation, or with footage of threatened species. At this stage there is a strong focus on Australian mammals, but I’ll try to add links to other resources as I come across them. Feel free to share relevant resources with me… I know there are loads of other videos out there!

Fenced reserves for conservation

Targeted conservation programs for threatened species- including translocations and reintroductions

Conservation dogs

Conservation on Islands
(with thanks to Michael Johnston for suggestions!)

Camera trap footage

Just great #SciComm

  • And finally a shout out to my good friends Alex and Jane, who have some great photos, poems and videos about Aussie wildlife and conservation at their Faunaverse site – entertainment for kids of all ages 🙂

Edited 12/07/2019 to add some additional links


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