Happy 5th Blogiversary WildlifeSNPits

I’m writing this year’s blogiversary post as me, Emily, instead of as the blog.  When I started SNPits one of my goals was for it to be an active blog at 5 years.  So YAY, today’s the day!  But while it’s still here (and growing annually in hits), I know (and take responsibility for) the lack of new content.

Being an active blogger has only gotten harder for me with time.  As I’ve progressed from graduate student to postdoc to assistant professor, my time for an un-paid side hustle has tanked.  Interestingly, I think that means I’m doing everything right; because I choose to write my papers and grants firsts, and I know that a few blog hits is not worth sacrificing sleep, exercise, or family time.

The other thing that influenced my blogging or lack thereof is how I  think about topics to write about.  After SNPits launched everything was a blog post.  I would think of posts while walking to work or going grocery shopping.  Everything was fresh, and it was a really fun lens through which to view my job.  Three things changed; first, as I started to see which types of content did well, I started scrapping ideas for posts before I wrote them.  Second, I got very fussy about “academic life” posts and stopped writing them.  Academic life posts (like this one) are the easiest ones to write because they take less time to research; but in trying to blog for non-scientists, I didn’t feel they fit the blog theme.  Third, I got tired and sad while I was on the job market.  I truly did not have the energy to blog, or when I did I had severe writers block.

I guess my point is: to WildlifeSNPits readers- THANK YOU!  And thank you for telling me you like SNPits when I meet you at conferences.  To the new blogs starting- good luck.  To the science blogs that shuttered- I miss you.  SNPits is not closing down, but I wanted to acknowledge that our output is low because Anna and I are science-ing hard, and well I’m not a wide-eyed grad student anymore.

The most clicked on new post of the year was:
How the sugar glider got to Tasmania and why this is bad news for difficult birds


Side image- SNPits 5th blogiversary cake: carrot, butternut squash, hazelnut.  Quite the grown-up cake for a five year old.

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