What We’re Reading: April 3, 2015

Birds Near Airports Sing Earlier in the Morning
Birds attract mates by singing and also warning others to stay away from their territory. However, for birds that live near airports, their songs can be drowned out by the loud noises that planes make. This paper studied the time of day that singing started in relationship to increasing distance from airports. They found a correlation between time of day and distance, where birds that lived closer to airports began singing earlier in the morning.  This study could have several follow ups including if there is differential breeding success or life-time fitness with distance to airport, or differential gene expression across the landscape.

Privatizing Conservation Funding
This paper asks how private donations towards the conservation of charismatic species can have positive benefits for other species. The authors observed a small benefit of corporate donations for aiding in conservation outcomes for the species of interest with limited spill-over effects for other species by co-occurring with the species of interest; however, they conclude that any additional funding for conservation is a positive outcome.


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