Happy 1st Blogiversary WildlifeSNPits!

It’s been a year since we launched WildlifeSNPits.  Milestones are always a great time for reflection but also a time to look forward.  Therefore we’d like to sum up our year and let you know what’s in store for year two!

Looking Back
First, a huge thanks to our readers! We’ve very much enjoyed the conversations with you this year. We know we have two types of readers: academics and a science literate non-academic audience. We think this is great because we are trying to blog somewhere between these two groups. Thanks for giving us the space to explore this area of science communication.

In all we made 81 posts of which 43 were original content and 38 link dump posts.
Our five most viewed posts were:
Understanding Phylogenies: Terminology
What to Expect When Interviewing for Ecology and Conservation Jobs
Women at the Conference Lectern
Favorite Talks from Evolution2014
Destroying Ivory to Save Elephants

Moving Forward
While we are sad to say goodbye to bloggers Schyler and Alexa, we are excited to welcome Anna and Britt!

We look forward to writing about new topics, specifically drawing on Anna’s expertise in Australian conservation and Britt’s in ecology. We’ll also try out some new types of posts aimed at finding creative ways to communicate evolution and conservation.



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  1. Happy Blogiversary! Just discovered your blog and am excited to read some of your top posts!

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