What we’re reading: Aug 15, 2014

PC SciComm
This short editorial (open) introduces three new papers in BioScience (open, sub, sub) about how scientists and science communicators should use language more carefully to avoid misinterpretation.

Integrating behavioral research with conservation
This opinion piece (open) echos previous ideas on WildlifeSNPits about the importance of integrating behavior and conservation. The paper highlights the rarity in which this is done, and explores the reasons it happens so infrequently. Nelson draws upon the importance behavior has had in conservation in the past and calls for behaviorists to engage with conservation scientists before they run out of species to study.

Museum collections and statistics
The popularity of using museum collections for research is growing beyond the traditional use of natural history collection and documentation. This paper (sub) points out that there may be statistical challenges associated with museum collections used for demographic studies.

Was PMS an adaptive trait for humans in the past?
This paper (open) hypothesizes that PMS may have increased reproductive fitness in the past by dissolving pair-bonds of infertile couples.


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