What we’re reading: Aug 1, 2014

Oh, you know we calculated our Kardashian Index scores!
This little 3 page paper created quite the stir this week. We’re guessing that scientists with large Twitter followings lablasted it and scientists not on Twitter cheered. In a nutshell, the K-Index is the ratio between observed and expected followers on Twitter and author Neil Hall suggests that a K-Index over 5 indicates a Twitter celebrity status with outsized influence given their scientific publishing record.
Our K-Index (as of July 2014):
Stephanie= 8.1
Alexa= 5.2
Emily= 2.5
Schyler= 0.6

Adaptation at fine grained spatial scales
The EEB&Flow blog summarizes this paper (subscription) which asks questions related to the spatial scale of local adaptation given gene flow.

Social consequences of wildlife declines
This policy piece (subscription) outlines a number of societal impacts in areas where the population size of wildlife species (mainly animals) have declined. The authors note as access to fish and bushmeat decline people must spend more time fishing and hunting in remote and dangerous conditions, there are even reports of slavery related to obtaining these resources. The authors also note how terrorists organizations have turned to the trade of luxury wildlife goods to fund operations and the violence associated with both the resource extraction and defense of wildlife. The authors end by proposing that integrative social and conservation research may find innovative solutions that benefit people and wildlife.


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