What we’re reading- April 4, 2014

Carnivore Research Effort vs Threatened Status
This paper (open) compares the research effort (measured in number of journal publications) across the order Carnivora to both number of species per family and IUCN Red List status. The researchers did not find a relationship between threatened status and research effort, suggesting that species that may benefit from conservation and management are not always well studied.

Are Zoos Fulfilling Their Conservation Missions?
The journal Animal Conservation published a special section focused on this article (sub) with open responses (here, here, and original author response to responses here). The original paper finds that species found in zoos tend to be less threatened, have larger body size, and are less endemic than conspecifics not found in zoos.

Lion Phylogeography
New paper (open) describing the patterns of lion (Panthera leo) phylogeography across Africa and the Middle East. The researchers used aDNA from museum fossils to help calibrate the timing of the phylogeny and make inference to range shifts and divergence between genetic clusters over time.


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