What we’re reading- Feb 7, 2014

Fine-scale genetic structure detected in forest elephants
WildlifeSNPits blogger Stephanie Schuttler’s paper on forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis, remember they’re a different species than L. africanus) networks reveal kin groups despite high genetic diversity. All work was done using non-invasive dung samples.

Genome size of flying species
Metabolic intensity of flight drives the reduction of genome size in birds.

No need to work 80 hours a week in academia
Getting a tenure track job doesn’t mean ignoring non-work priorities! Post also focuses on the reality versus myth of how many hours scientists work.

Estimating genetic diversity
A new paper observes differences in estimates of genetic diversity between microsatellite and SNP markers, bringing up important points on marker selection including species specificity and pre-screening for highly polymorphic microsatellites. By how much do microsatellites overestimate genetic diversity; and are these patterns consistent across species?


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