What we’re reading- Dec 20, 2013

Got microsats?
A new paper (open) on developing microsatellite primers using Illumina sequencing. Plus, it comes out of a pretty great lab! (Congrats Schyler!)

Protecting amphibians
Preserving pond-breeding salamander populations may require larger terrestrial habitat than previously thought.

The early rodent becomes the cat food
Agoutis with less food, wake early, and are more vulnerable to predation by ocelots. Full paper here (Subscription).

Satellite telemetry
Satellite telemetry can be employed to track animals until their death and may elucidate the cause of mortality. (Subscription)

The Phylogeny of Little Red Riding Hood
Tehrani explores the relationship of different versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story in a phylogeographic context. He finds three clades (East Asian, Central Europe, and Eurasia). (Open)


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