What we’re reading- Nov 22, 2013

Frog Abnormalities are Rare
Results of a 10 year study show that the rate of frog malformations is less than 2% overall. Higher rates occur in local hotspots, with causes of abnormalities varying between locations.

Supply-Side Wildlife Trade
This study looked at legal (via farming) and illegal (harvested from the wild) trade of the orchid Rhynchostylis gigantea. The researchers noted that buyers did not pay more for farmed products even though in better conditions and this may contribute to lack of success in some supply-side conservation programs.

Hot Topics in Phylogenetics
This isn’t so much what we’re reading as what we’re watching: Phyloseminar! Phyloseminar has some of the top phylogeneticists present seminar style talks on recent papers or topics in phylogenetics for all to view.

Conservation Kickstarter
Congratulations to our colleague, Karen DeMatteo, who succeeded with her Kickstarter campaign! We’re working with Karen on a post about what she learned using Kickstarter to raise funds for conservation science.


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