What we’re reading- Nov 15, 2013

Fossil Skull of Oldest Big Cat Ever Found
Panthera blytheae, identified from specimens collected in Tibet, is estimated to be between 4 and 5 million years old.

New Statistical Methods for Fossil Calibrating Phylogenetic Trees
Speaking of fossils, Heath and colleagues develop a new method for using fossils with uncertain phylogenetic tree placement to aid dating nodes in phylogenetic trees. See a phyloseminar about this paper here.

Forest Change, as Mapped by Google Earth
Researchers at the University of Maryland have helped put together an interactive tool of Global Forest Change; check out the wins and losses of 2000 – 2012.

Irreplaceable Protected Lands
Study identifies protected areas critical to preventing global species extinctions, and highlights the need to improve management in these already protected areas.

Rare Saola Seen For First Time Since 1999
The elusive Asian ungulate (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) was spotted on camera traps set out in the central Annamite Mountains of Vietnam. Learn more about Saolas here, here, and here.

Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Evolution
Following removal of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumors, a transmissible cancer, the tumor tissue evolved leading the researchers to question if tumor removal would result in adaptations that may increase virulence.

Conservation Kickstarter: 7 Days to go
Our colleague Karen DeMatteo has raised 70% of her goal in her Kickstarter campaign to support conservation work on Argentinian felids and candids.


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