What we’re reading- Oct 11, 2013

Conservation Kickstarter
Our colleague Karen DeMatteo launched a Kickstarter campaign to support her conservation work on Argentinian felids and candids.

Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity in Developing Countries
New climate projections show radically different climate within the next 35 years, with the tropics showing these changes within the next decade. Areas projected to experience the most rapid changes are in developing countries with high biodiversity, highlighting the need for conservation and social program funding in developing countries.

Synthetic Biology Meets Conservation
Researchers at Idaho State University suggest “gene tweaking” vulnerable and/or endangered populations: either through (1) hybridization, (2) the transfer of alleles to individuals of a threatened population, or (3) the transfer of genes from a different species to individuals of a threatened population. Is genetic engineering just right? Does it go too far? Does it not go far enough?! Throw your thoughts out in the comments section!

Tanzania Ditches Plan to Evict Maasai for Serengeti “Wildlife Corridor”
A victory for human rights (and indigenous peoples’ land rights) everywhere, as Tanzania cows to international pressure and decides not to evict the local Maasai people from an area earmarked for annexation into the Serengeti National Park.

Scary-Awesome-Cool Video: Jaguar Swim-Stalks and Attacks a Caiman
Narrated by Luke Dollar, a friend and colleague at National Geographic, this video from central Brazil shows a young jaguar (Panthera onca) stalking a caiman (either Caiman crocodilus or Caiman yacare) along the shoreline before slipping silently into the water, swimming Navy SEAL-style up from behind, and launching himself on the other predator.

Evolving Threat of Wildlife Trafficking
Got some time on your hands? Read up on what the International Affairs Review has to say about the evolving threat of global wildlife trafficking – and what we can do to stop it. Chase the links through the article to read each sub-point in depth.

Storytelling Science
How good storytelling can enhance communication of conservation research.

Interstate Commerce of ESA Protected Plants
Ahead of next week’s post, a research article on the availability of ESA protected plant species on the internet and the proportion of vendors who obtained the permits for interstate trade.


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